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Which Image of Kaepernick Matters the Most ?

For some, this image sparked support for the many who continue to speak out on the racial injustices and oppression that exists in the United States.  For others, it represented disrespect and disparaging of the servicemen who willingly sacrifice their lives for a country they "love".  

But there's another image of Kaepernick that gets lost among the talking heads...lost among impassioned fans...and lost against those with just common sense. It's from 2015 in the image below, and quite alarming.

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4 Years $87.6 million for Russell...Some numbers matter more than others

1oth rated passer last year. 15th in passing yards last year.  Never passed for more than 3,500 passing yards in a season.  Some numbers matter but none seem more important than winning records. 

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