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Breaking Cowboys News !!!!!!

While others are eagerly anticipating the decision of whether or not the Miami Dolphins will sign Jay Cutler to a contract (who knew Jay Cutler would be wanted by anyone) for "starter money" as he puts it, I thought I'd find a way to share some really important Dallas Cowboys news with you.

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Dolphins Fear the Worse With Tannehill Injury

The Miami Dolphins will yet again need to hold there breathe as Ryan Tannehill have to leave practice today because of a non contact injury to his knee.

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Jay Ajayi concussed, but that doesn't mean Adam Gase was wrong


In case you're not aware, football coaches always deal in double speak.  They rarely like to give out information feeling that A. it gives them an upper hand when facing opponents and B.  it can dissuade media members from making non stories become real stories, especially during the doldrums of off season conditioning and camps.  

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Black Friday Couldn't Come Early Enough for Jets Fans

New York Jets fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Their tumultuous year finally came to a fantastic end with a surprisingly entertaining win over their division rivals the Miami Dolphins.  A win that featured a 97 yard touchdown run by Lamar Miller (the longest longest play from scrimmage in Dolphins history), a career high of 221 yards receiving from Eric Decker (including a 74-yard touchdown, the longest play by the Jets this year), and seven sacks from the Jets defensive front. 

But most impressive of all was the utterly brilliant display of quarterbacking by the much maligned Geno Smith who threw for a career-high 358 yards, three touchdowns, and helped the Jets achieve a season-high points total (while also scoring a perfect passer rating of 158.3, which by the way was the only perfect rating this year by a quarterback throwing at least seven passes, according to STATS. 

As entertaining as these breakout performances were, they were also just as meaningless.  It was meaningless from the half empty stadium of fans who showed up to support their team.  It was meaningless for Geno Smith who has struggled with consistency throughout his career in a Jets uniform.  And it was meaningless in saving Rex Ryan's job. 

"I think we all expect what's going to happen is going to happen," Ryan said. "I'm not afraid of what lies ahead, I can tell you that."  And there you have it. Rex Ryan's career as a Jet has finally come to a close and the Jets are post season spectators for a fourth consecutive year finishing with their worst record since 2007. 

There were some positives during Ryan's tenure as highlighted from Woody Johnson's comments, "Rex brought the Jets a bold confidence and a couple of great post-season runs, which all of us will remember",

But there were just as many failures (the overrating of Mark Sanchez,  the  Tim Tebow experiment, and the naming of Santonio Holmes as a captain) including some absurdities less we forget the foot fetish video he made with his wife or the donning of a Brady tattoo. 

Jets fans won't have to wonder about what's next for Rex.  His great defensive mind and playoff pedigree will have some desperate team calling for his services again to coach.  At the very least, that infectious, have a beer with me and shoot the breeze personality could land him a tv gig (a considerable upgrade over Jon Gruden in my opinion).  

But what about the future of this organization.  Who will be responsible for this upcoming draft? Who will be calling the plays? And more importantly, who is the quarterback moving forward?  The future for Jets fans might not be as clear or interesting. But it will finally be different.


NFL: 10 Questions Worth Asking Heading into Week 6

Now is the time of year that the great illusion of the NFL starts to rear its ugly yet colorful head. It's the illusion which, given the wealth of "information" provided to us on a weekly basis, makes us think that we are somehow, actually, "informed". 

That information is skewed, slanted, and jaded.  The truth of the matter is that records aren't telling the whole story, good teams are hiding a lot of flaws, and questions continue to linger with teams that many prognosticators picked to be widely successful heading into the season. 

It's time to answer 10 intriguing questions heading into Week 6:

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