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Breaking Cowboys News !!!!!!

While others are eagerly anticipating the decision of whether or not the Miami Dolphins will sign Jay Cutler to a contract (who knew Jay Cutler would be wanted by anyone) for "starter money" as he puts it, I thought I'd find a way to share some really important Dallas Cowboys news with you.

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Still Not Sold on These Broncos

I usually follow a 'Say it Out Loud' policy before making big decisions in my life.  That same policy goes for the tendency to have a knee jerk reaction when the unexpected or hard to explain happens in sports. 

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A Trade For Brandon Marshall? Let the Duh Factor Commence

Is it me or is there a certain duh factor when it comes to some trades.  I mean just stop and think about these trades to yourself: 

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Relax Denver Fans, Brandon Marshall was just Testing his leg Strength

It's ok Denver Broncos. The sky is not falling on your team, and Josh Mcdaniels is going to be a pretty good coach (at least according to Jay Cutler).  If you believe that you're also probably telling yourself that the Broncos will win the division, Kyle Orton will surprise us all (especially his coaches) and be a Pro Bowler

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Yet Another Reason Why Jay Cutler Hates Philip Rivers

It's no secret that Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers don't get along. And from Jay Cutler's standpoint I can understand why (even though from this photo  , Cutler wins in a fitness test).  Afterall, Rivers has bested him at QB rating (especially in the 4th quarter, where his stats are unbelievable), touchdowns thrown, accuracy, and playoff appearances.

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