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Beckham Can't stop the feeling in Dance Off

We all know that New York Giant's receiver Odell Beckham Jr loves to do things with a certain type of style and flair. So it should come as no surprise that he and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook took things off the court and onto the dance floor Thursday at Catch NYC’s sixth anniversary bash.

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Jerry's going to be Jerry with Ezekiel Elliot Suspension

ESPN'S Adam Schefter has recently reported that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot has received a six-game suspension after the NFL's year long investigation regarding allegations of domestic abuse.

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Breaking Cowboys News !!!!!!

While others are eagerly anticipating the decision of whether or not the Miami Dolphins will sign Jay Cutler to a contract (who knew Jay Cutler would be wanted by anyone) for "starter money" as he puts it, I thought I'd find a way to share some really important Dallas Cowboys news with you.

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NFL: 10 Questions Worth Asking Heading into Week 6

Now is the time of year that the great illusion of the NFL starts to rear its ugly yet colorful head. It's the illusion which, given the wealth of "information" provided to us on a weekly basis, makes us think that we are somehow, actually, "informed". 

That information is skewed, slanted, and jaded.  The truth of the matter is that records aren't telling the whole story, good teams are hiding a lot of flaws, and questions continue to linger with teams that many prognosticators picked to be widely successful heading into the season. 

It's time to answer 10 intriguing questions heading into Week 6:

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Still Not Sold on These Broncos

I usually follow a 'Say it Out Loud' policy before making big decisions in my life.  That same policy goes for the tendency to have a knee jerk reaction when the unexpected or hard to explain happens in sports. 

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