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Loss Proves the Hurricanes Lack Real Advantages

A quiet optimism was building around the potential success of the Miami Hurricanes after their win against Ohio State.  The winning formula for the Hurricanes moving forward would be their potent running attack led my Lamar Miller and a supposed stifling defense led by Sean Spence.

Saturday's loss to Kansas State proved that formula is nothing more than lab notes scribbled down in hurried fashion by a scientist desperately searching for a cure to a seemingly incurable disease.

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10 Keys for the Hurricanes Putting the Past Behind Them and Having a Successful Season

The considerable amount of Sports Noise that had engulfed and threatened to dismantle the Miami Hurricanes football program the past four weeks seems to, at least for now, be coming to a grinding hault. 

Gone for the present moment are the overzealous voices of media pundits spewing attention grabbing catch phrases like "death penalty" and "lack of institutional control".

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Jerry Rice Joins the List of Sports Pundits Spewing Hot Air

Which criticism coming out of the media cesspool of supposed information (which really constitutes noise) the last few days is also the most ridiculous?

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Monday Morning Meltdown: Ten Things We Learned from Football Sunday

10.  Sometimes it's better to be more fortunate than good.

Tom Brady broke Don Meredith's record with his seventh straight game with at least two scoring passes and no interceptions.  He could well be on his way to breaking Bernie Kosar's streak of 308 passes without an interception. 

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Still Not Sold on These Broncos

I usually follow a 'Say it Out Loud' policy before making big decisions in my life.  That same policy goes for the tendency to have a knee jerk reaction when the unexpected or hard to explain happens in sports. 

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