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Jay Ajayi concussed, but that doesn't mean Adam Gase was wrong


In case you're not aware, football coaches always deal in double speak.  They rarely like to give out information feeling that A. it gives them an upper hand when facing opponents and B.  it can dissuade media members from making non stories become real stories, especially during the doldrums of off season conditioning and camps.  

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Did the Bulls Front Office Get This One Right?

It can be very confusing to non-sports fans to understand how irrational fandom can be in the world of sports where loyalty and passion can cloud better judgement and cause many to overlook glaring simple truths.

One simple truth that the Chicago media and Bulls fans need to come to realize is…wait for it…the Bulls front office might be getting it right.

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4 Years $87.6 million for Russell...Some numbers matter more than others

1oth rated passer last year. 15th in passing yards last year.  Never passed for more than 3,500 passing yards in a season.  Some numbers matter but none seem more important than winning records. 

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Brady Suspension Upheld...Life Sure is Ironic

The long awaited decision of Tom Brady's appeal is finally here as the NFL (Roger Goodell wielding his incredibly big stick) has decided that Brady's 4 game suspension will be upheld.  

The decision on the appeal being upheld is laughable and not because of the length of time it took for the league to come to a decision

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Biggio's Induction Makes Baseball Writers Look Ridiculous

Let me I start by saying I have nothing against Craig Biggio being inducted into the 2015 Hall of Fame. I don't even like Hall's of Fame, at least the idea of paying money to recall achievemnts that can be readily accessed via the internet for free.  No disrespect to the over 45,000 people who showed up for this year's induction class, but I can think of countless activities that I could be doing with my time besides cheering on athletes for skills for which they are no longer capable of performing. But my usual shrug of indifference was set to pause as I was scrolling ESPN news when I saw the inductees.  Smoltz, Johnson, Martinez and...Biggio?

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