Which Image of Kaepernick Matters the Most ?
Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 01:57PM
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For some, this image sparked support for the many who continue to speak out on the racial injustices and oppression that exists in the United States.  For others, it represented disrespect and disparaging of the servicemen who willingly sacrifice their lives for a country they "love".  

But there's another image of Kaepernick that gets lost among the talking heads...lost among impassioned fans...and lost against those with just common sense. It's from 2015 in the image below, and quite alarming.


In case you missed it, a wide receiver Torrey Smith is lined up, waving his hands, with no one covering him. The 49ers would go on to lose the game 27-6.  The missed opportunity by Kaepernick is not what's so alarming.  Quarterbacks miss open receivers all the time before and after the snap.  

What is alarming is how bad things went after the game where numerous reports surfaced of teammates clamoring for him to be benched in favor of...gulp...Blaine Gabbert.

How did it get to the point that a guy who had completed 815-of-1,360 passes for 10,030 yards, 56 touchdowns and 26 interceptions in his career, was now seen as a lesser qb then the guy posing as one?

This wasn't the first time teammates seemed to have reached their limit with Kaepernick's play.  And many had long grown tired of his distant personality and unwillingness to, or rather inability to galvanize a locker room in the team's first year without the steadying influence of Jim Harbaugh to guide them.

Teammates were looking for a calming steady influence.  That never presented itself from ownership, the gm, nor the coach, and sadly that responsibility was left up to a guy who was never fully  understood within his own locker room. 

He’s an off-to-the-corner, headphones-on, chuckle-with-role-players guy. Furthest thing from a leader.

Fast forward 2 years later, and where are the teammates who are jumping to the forefront in saying that Kaep deserves a job and should be signed?

Richard Sherman was adament in speaking out in Kaep's defense.  But that's not saying much because Sherman in defiant in everything.  

But for most guys and some fans they just can't get that image out of their heads.  Which image that is I'll let you decide.

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