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Jay Ajayi concussed, but that doesn't mean Adam Gase was wrong



In case you're not aware, football coaches always deal in double speak.  They rarely like to give out information feeling that A. it gives them an upper hand when facing opponents and B.  it can dissuade media members from making non stories become real stories, especially during the doldrums of off season conditioning and camps.  

Most football fans and media members know this as truth and accept it, realizing that coaches have to do what they have to do for season preparation and keeping there players out of the news.  So it might be easy to dismiss Adam Gase's words regarding the possible concussion of Jay Ajayi as more double speak.

Gase explained away his decision to use contact in pads so early into camp with the thoughts that the Dolphins needed a jump start in correcting the problem of missed tackles from last year.  Gase even alluded to the veterans on the team being all in on using contact at such an early time.

Don't be so quick to see this as Gase trying to cover himself for the loss of Ajayi (the player who kick started the Dolphins offense from last year, while helping the team establish an identity).

Football players tend to have a lot of pent up aggression needing to be unleashed (notice the uptick in players getting arrested before the season as opposed to during) and the only way to satisfy that desire is to actually hit someone.  There's a reason why fights break out in camp and many times it has nothing to do with the play that just happened, or a teammate getting under someone's skin.

So take Gase at his word.  Ajayi will be back sometime soon.  And he'll probably be looking to lay the wood on the first defensive player he sees.




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