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Fred Hoiberg Deserves Some Recognition



There's an old saying that you can either swallow your pride, or you can choke on it. 

For those Chicago Bulls fans predicting, hoping, and praying that the tank cruise control button was finally pushed and Fred Hoiberg's faults as a head coach would successfully run this team into the ground you might want to take smaller bites to make this understanding easier to digest.


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Savage Savagely Hit, Still Allowed to Play With Apparent Concussion

The NFL has gone above and beyond to protect the one position they truly care about and officials still managed to screw it up.

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David Nwaba Doing David Nwaba Stuff

The Bulls GM said they wanted to get more athletic and they have.  You may not know David Nwaba yet, but with solid plays like this he will continue to be another piece moving forward as the Bulls climb out of the basement.

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Deodre Francois wants that Hotline Bling:Not Taking the Jimbo News Well

My initial thoughts about Deondre Francois not being given a heads up about the Jimbo departure were "grow up kid" and "do some digging" if you want to be aware of a potential change of scenery from your head coach.

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Eli Manning: The End of an Era

With the 2017 season coming to a close, the New York Giants have officially given up ontheir lost season (which is what happens when you are turning your team over to Geno Smith) and their relationship with Eli Manning may be coming to a close as well.

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